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  • Deb Arietti (Allied Community Services): “As mentioned when we met, I must compliment the driver that delivered the roll-off today. The young man was very courteous, as well as patient. He made sure the can was placed exactly where we wanted it and demonstrated how the cover opened. It isn’t often that I have the opportunity interact with your drivers, today was as a pleasant experience and we be a lasting impression of your company. Please thank your driver for me.”
  • Art (Suffield, CT): “I live in Suffield and just wanted to comment that the drivers who handle our route are great. They always leave the container right back where they found it and they work around the occasional vehicle parked in the street. (Usually my kid). They even wave if they see me in the driveway. Thanks again for their great service.”
  • Edward (Hines): “Once again I am in the happy position of having to write to you to express our extreme satisfaction and appreciation for the high levels of service provided by USA. Over the last several months we have had an ultra busy loading dock with extra dumpsters and contractors parking all over the place. Despite a difficult and compressed environment in which to work, I marvel at how the drivers are able to maneuver the trucks into almost any space without hitting anything or causing any damage. Similarly, it seems like no matter when we call for service or how freaked out we are with seemingly impossible requests, the dispatchers always seem to have the answers we need and the drivers make it reality. We are truly appreciative of all the work that goes into making what you guys do look easy. Many thanks and we wish everyone at USA a safe and happy holiday season.”
  • Lynn (Enfield, CT): “Just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone who made our Enfield delivery, pick up etc. of the roll off dumpster such an easy experience!! You guys were awesome! Please pass along our thanks to everyone involved!”
  • Pedro (East Hartford, CT): “This morning I came home and saw a strange garbage bag on my lawn. I reviewed my cameras and saw it was a USA garbage truck that a bag fell off the back while driving past my house. I called the Enfield, CT office (I live in East Hartford, Ct) and reported this. I talked to a friendly operator who helped me out and in 20 minutes the truck came back and picked the bad of my lawn. As I know, (stuff) happens and I am not upset by any means but I just wanted to say thanks on being so nice and promptly solving my problem, no matter how minor it was. Thanks again, great service!”
  • Edward (Hartford, CT): “...this e-mail is long overdue, please accept my apologies. Recently (well, relatively speaking) I had occasion to be on the dock while one of our dumpsters was being picked up. Our loading dock is not the most spacious place in the world. The driver was nothing less than masterful in getting his truck in, the dumpster loaded and out the door in less than 10 minutes. I know enough to know that they may make it look easy, but I’m sure it’s never as easy as it looks. I marvel at how well they negotiate tight places with huge trucks and dumpsters. Just wanted to pass along a note and let you know that we notice such things and appreciate them greatly.”
  • Mike (West Springfield, MA): “I would like to say I have rented three dumpsters in the last 18 months from your company. I have to say that Walter August has been very helpful to me in making sure it was delivered when I needed and picked up in a timely manner. Your company should be proud to have someone like him working for you. Thanks Mike Gage”
  • Bonnie (Simsbury, CT): “Thank you again Amy, for your quick response, superior customer service and genuine integrity. It was a challenge to coordinate a dumpster being 1200 miles away but you were always so helpful you effectively eliminated any potential concerns or stress. The dependability and flexibility which USA Hauling & Recycling demonstrated, easily made me a repeat client. You made every transaction smooth and uncomplicated. Being able to pay either by credit card or by checking account over the phone is another plus for your company. Competitive pricing and very clear guidelines made our project run smooth. Thank you again Amy, I would highly recommend you and your company!”
  • Eugene (Stafford Springs, CT): “Thank you so much Kevin for the quick response from the quote with all the questions to delivery top notch very helpful. I would like to say thanks also to Mike the driver very professional I think if I put a dime down on the ground he would have made the dumpster stick the landing on it. Great Job U.S.A hauling glad you do my weekly pick up also. Regards Eugene”
  • Richard (Fontaine Bros., Inc.): “And by the way…..Thank you to all @ USA Hauling who worked on this project…..Sometimes we forget what an important part you guys play in a successful project... Thanks Again”
  • Michelle (Somers, CT): “Just want you to know the dumpster is here....we arranged an earlier start date. And the driver was sensational. Professional, courteous, and a very good driver - tough driveway and he navigated it perferctly! Thank you.”
  • Sigrid: "I spoke with you earlier today in regard to a pleasant encounter that I had with one of your employees today. I feel compelled to also send this experience to you in written form, so that it can go in his employee file and can be posted and or shared with others. I am in the process of moving out of state, during the crazy business of packing, cleaning, sorting and throwing away, I placed an old beat up chair out on the curb for either someone to pick up and refurbish or to be hauled away. During the early afternoon hours, I heard a waste truck pull up in front of my house and recognized the usual sounds of the machine crushing my trash. What I didn't expect to hear was a knock at my door. I looked through the privacy hole and observed a young man in a neon colored shirt. I answered the door and was greeted with, "hello Ma'am," (with an extended hand) as I was crushing the chair that you left out, this fell out of the chair" I looked and immediately recognized it to be a pewter United States Marine Corps "challenge coin" that one of my children who served our country must have lost at one time while sitting in the chair. These coins can not be bought, they are given to one an other or passed on during service and often come from a Sergeant or other higher ranking officials. He took the time to pick up the coin and bring it to my front door for return. I was taken back as he could have picked it up and placed it in his pocket as it was to be picked up for trash. I am truly grateful that he returned an irreplaceable memoir to my family. Please add this letter to his file and consider his honesty, loyalty and great representation of your company when he is up for a raise or promotion. Thank you."
  • Mike: “… wanted to thank the company and driver, always on time and represents the company well, great attitude and great service. [We] had a different hauler at first on this job and changed to USA and I'm glad we did…”
  • Tanya (Harwinton, CT): "I just wanted to compliment the worker that covers Litchfield Rd. in Harwinton, CT on Friday June 26th, 2015. He went out of his way to make sure that a women who's car had a flat tire had someone coming to help her. He parked his truck and got out to make sure everything was ok. Now a days it's hard to find that. He went above and beyond and for these reasons I will always keep this company as my trash company. Thank You"
  • John Gundling (Eco One Solutions): "I am long overdue in thanking you and USA Hauling and Recycling for the outstanding job that you do recycling C&D materials on my project sites. Whether it’s on a Yale project, a State of Connecticut project, military projects, and commercial projects, your C&D recycling has been outstanding, only outdone by the accuracy of the reporting from your office, which, in addition to being accurate to the pound. Is always delivered on the first of the following month. No other recycler that I have ever dealt with anywhere, has their business operating so efficiently as to have their reporting available at the actual close of the month. This is especially important to my government contractors who must receive their monthly LEED reports promptly in order to submit for their monthly reimbursement, which, in turn, benefits us all.

    Thanks Again!

    PS: Did you know that the last twenty+ projects that we’ve done together, achieved an Innovation Credit from GBCI for Exemplary Performance in Construction Waste Management with recycling rates north of 95 percent?"
  • Barbara (Coventry, CT): "Gentlemen: ALL of you folks are wonderful. The lady and gentlemen who answer the phone at almost anytime of day are very professional and polite and are so very accommodating. The chap who delivered a 30 foot dumpster was a gem and graciously offered his advice in terms of appropriate location. Calling one day for delivery of dumpster and having it the next and then a replacement the following day is exceptionally fine service. You are the BEST. I am well aware you will be coming back numerous occasions and that's OK. Thanks for the excellent service."
  • Kim (Torrington, CT):"i would like to compliment an employee that does the residential area of torrington, craig, truck 308. i've lived there 9+ yrs on the same street. every thursday when he collects in my area, he beeps & waves at my now 8yr old son, who runs to the window when we hear the truck coming. not to get craig in trouble, but this AM, he made it a point to come to my door & tell us he'd be doing a diff job in a few wks, & no longer driving that truck. my son looked sad. when craig drove off, my son wanted to give craig a toy on his ride back by the house, so he searched his toy box. unfortunately, my sons school was a few vehicles ahead of the trucks return, so i gave craig the "good luck" gift. you have a great employee!!
  • Mark (Springfield, MA): "I wanted to thank you for all your help with the dumpster delivery to my parents house [in Springfield, MA]. I also would like to pass on to the appropriate persons at your company how helpful the two drivers were who delivered and picked up the dumpster when full. I have worked with many truck drivers over my years in manufacturing with Monsanto and Bayer and I must say the two that I worked with on this job were two of the best I have ever met. They were courteous, friendly, and extremely customer focused. And, they worked extremely safely which I can't help but observe when I see people work. It's one of those things Monsanto and Bayer instilled in their leadership teams. We appreciate all that USA Hauling and Recycle did for us to help us accomplish our work over the past weekend. From ordering to scheduling to logistics to delivery and to pick-up, all was done top notch and my sister and I are very happy customers."
  • Lorien (Middletown, CT): "Thanks so much for your help. It was a convenient & worry free experience with you & USA! I really appreciate it & will recommend you guys to everyone I know! Have a great day & thanks again."
  • Terrance J. Frolich, Esq.: "Your company service has been fantastic and I will be sure to recommend you to others in need of dumpsters and use you in any future endovers I may encounter."
  • Dana: Thank you for making the 17th annual Source to Sea Cleanup a success! On Friday and Saturday, roughly 2,000 volunteers headed out on foot and by boat. While most of our groups were met by clear skies, several groups were undeterred by the rain. Together, they removed tons of trash from the Connecticut River and its tributaries. Each year, volunteers express their satisfaction at having been part of the cleanup. As volunteer Susan Norton exclaimed, “I love to think how I'm connected to everyone else on the river at this moment in time.” We could not have done this without you. Attached are a few photographs to give you a glimpse of what you helped to accomplish. As tallies and registration lists come in from our volunteer group leaders, we'll begin compiling this year's Cleanup Chronicle. When this publication goes out to our members and friends in December, it will include our sincere appreciation for USA Hauling & Recycling & USA Hauling's support. We hope you'll proud of the part you played in this wonderful event. On behalf of the river, our volunteers and the council, thank you for your generosity.
  • Ed Dobransky, Manager-Support Services (Sacred Heart University): "Thank you for your 'Ultimate' service to us at SHU. As always, USA Hauling & Recycling can be relied on to provide whatever service is needed whenever and wherever!!!"
  • Joshua: "To the staff at USA Hauling & Recycling! Thank you for your understanding and helping out a family in need these are the type of company's that will last and get great reviews. Thank you."
  • Ramesh (Danbury, CT): "As new customers of USA Hauling & Recycling my wife and I want to express our gratitude for the terrific job, prompt service and follow up. We couldn't be more pleased! From my first call to request an estimate, everyone was professional and pleasant to deal with. I'm very happy with the high quality of response and individual attention provided. Your pricing is competitive, and the service was impeccable. I am delighted to be able to recommend to my friends when I get the opportunity."
  • Shawn (Brookfield, CT): "I just happen to look outside when the garbage truck showed. I watched the driver unload both cans. The first can had something fall out of it on the ground. He stopped the truck, got out and made sure it was put into the truck. I know it does not sound like much but it is something I want to thank you for and thank the driver as he could have easily just drove away leaving the garbage on the ground. In a world were service does not seem to matter anymore and were people don't take any pride in what they do it was refreshing to see this. Thank you and thank you to the driver."
  • Nate (Danbury, CT): "..you are awesome! thanks for working with me and sorry for being such a pain. great customer service! such a pleasant experience. I will recommend you and your company to my family and friends!"
  • Ward (Ridgefield, CT): "I really meant what I said. It is like a breath of fresh air working with all of you. The quick responses and 'we will take care of it' attitude is awesome! I will recommend you guys to everyone I know."
  • (New Milford, CT): "What a great company. I have residential trash service with All American in New Milford. I forgot to put it out this past Thursday. I called explained that I forgot and they sent someone on Friday to pick it up. This is service! Way to be ALL AMERICAN! We appreciate your great service! Its the small things that make a difference."
  • "What a friendly staff. I ordered one of those containers because I was moving. I did not know much about them until I called All Amercian Waste. The rep was very through compaired to the other compaines I called. When all was said and done I would use them again."
  • "You guys are the best! On Jan 4th I didn't realize you were making your runs and didn't bring down my black bin. But you were kind enough to come back for a pick up at my place. Thanks again guys!"