Recycled Landscaping Products

USA Hauling & Recycling offers a variety of recycled landscaping products including mulch, fill, and even recycled shingles which can be used to create asphalt. Depending on the size and requirement of your project, these materials can be used to create unique, attractive, one-of- a-kind landscapes, while conserving resources, lowering costs, and of course, recycling materials that would otherwise be discarded and end up in a landfill. By choosing recycled landscape materials from USA Hauling & Recycling you can reduce waste and create a more environmentally friendly landscape.

Review all of our recycled landscaping product options below and contact us today for more details on how USA Hauling & Recycling can provide recycled materials for your next landscaping project.

  • Decorative Landscaping MulchDecorative Landscaping Wood ChipsUSA Hauling & Recycling specializes in providing colored recycled decorative landscaping wood chips in bulk to commercial customers, with consistent particle size (approximately 1 ½”- 2”) and texture that accents the beauty of your natural landscape. Made from clear pallets or dimensional lumber and source separated in containers, our recycled decorative landscaping wood chips are clean, meaning free of paint, chemicals or plywood.

    Click here to learn more about our Decorative Lanscaping Wood Chips.
  • Crushed Red Brick GravelCrushed Red Brick GravelUSA Hauling & Recycling provides ¾“ recycled crushed red brick gravel which can be used as a vibrant groundcover, in pathways, or anywhere that your landscape needs a splash of color.
  • Recycled Wood Fiber Animal BeddingRecycled Wood Fiber Animal BeddingA clean, dry environment is essential for maintaining your animal's health. With USA Hauling & Recycling's recycled wood fiber animal bedding, you will get a naturally absorbent, odor eliminating and cost effective animal bedding made from recycled pallets or dimensional lumber. Our recycled wood fiber animal bedding can be used in any stall, hutch or cage and is safe for use with animals small and large.
  • TopsoilTopsoilUSA Hauling & Recycling provides unprocessed topsoil that can be used as a filler or general-purpose soil. Unprocessed soil may have stones, twigs or other debris.
  • Reprocessed ConcreteReprocessed ConcreteConcrete was once a material that when stripped from roads and structures was treated as a waste product and ended up in landfills. Today, concrete is a valuable recyclable resource and USA Hauling & Recycling is proud to offer Reprocessed Concrete which meets Connecticut DOT specs and can be used for construction applications or road base.
  • Recycled Roof ShinglesRecycled Roof ShinglesUSA Hauling & Recycling is proud to have been instrumental in passing a bill in Connecticut that encourages the use of recycled asphalt roofing shingles in road paving materials used on state highways and other paving projects. Shingles are collected from residential demolition projects and tested for asbestos according to state requirements prior to use. Replacing the normal petroleum based product with asphalt roof shingles makes the process cost effective in small or large scale projects. The savings, combined with the environmental bonus of using shingles that would normally end up in landfills, make this process very beneficial.
  • Clean Fill Contact USA Hauling & Recycling for delivery of affordable clean fill to your Connecticut landscape or construction site. Free of environmental contaminants, clean fill can be used to fill a hole or raise the elevation of a lot, change the contours of a construction site to improve drainage, or replenish soils lost to erosion, clean fill dirt can provide an affordable and lasting solution to level a landscape.