Clean Natural Gas

We have made the commitment at USA Hauling & Recycling to convert our entire fleet of hundreds of diesel burning trucks to clean CNG powered refuse & recycling vehicles. We believe so strongly in CNG technology, we have built public access CNG fueling stations in Hartford, East Windsor and New Haven, CT with the collaboration of leading CNG fueling company Clean Energy.

Moving to CNG helps the three largest challenges the country faces:


1. CNG increases our national security by decreasing our dependence on foreign oil.
2. CNG fosters local economic growth - domestic jobs are created in the capture of CNG and the build out of local infrastructure.
3. It is environmentally far superior to gasoline or diesel. It is far cleaner for the environment.

    CNG has many benefits for use in vehicles economically and environmentally:
  • It is 98% domestic product
  • Produced here, distributed here = jobs here
  • Much more predictable source / less political risk source
  • Reduces dependence on foreign oil
  • 30% less greenhouse gas emissions
  • 85% less nitrogen oxide emissions
  • 90% less soot
  • 70-90% less carbon monoxide emissions
  • Trash trucks powered by CNG are 90% quieter than diesel burning trucks.
  • Public access CNG Fueling Station
  • In 2012 the World Health Organization (WHO) added diesel exhaust to it's list of known carcinogens
Solar CNG Station Opening June 2019

Katie Dykes, Commissioner of DEEP, speaks at the event and had some kind words for USA, the Antonaccis, and everyone involved in the project.

USA Recycling

Ribbon cutting ceremony for public access CNG station in Hartford, CT. Andrew Littlefair, John Larson, Russ Lallier, Frank Antonacci, Mayor Pedro Segarra, Dan Esty

Ribbon cutting ceremony for public access CNG station in Hartford, CT.

From left to right:
Andrew Littlefair - CEO Clean Energy
Congressman John Larson
Russ Lallier
Frank Antonacci
Mayor Pedro Segarra
Dan Esty - Commissioner DEEP