Curbside Pickup Connecticut

USA Hauling & Recycling provides residential trash pickup to over 15,000 households in Connecticut's Litchfield, Hartford, New Haven and Middlesex counties and surrounding areas. Our professionally trained drivers and modern fleet of vehicles allow us to safely and effectively remove trash, rubbish, and recycling from your residential neighborhood. Our durable curbside rollout carts come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs and allow for hands-free loading to maximize efficiency and save you money.

Contact us today and find out why our residential trash removal customers have discovered the convenience and value of our weekly curbside trash pickup service. USA Hauling & Recycling can also customize pickup services for private developments and condominium complexes.

  • Put the dump carts out the night before your collection day or before 6 a.m. on collection day. The ideal location is the left of your driveway when facing the street. Be sure that the dump cart handle faces your house and the can is within 2 feet of the road edge and 3-4 feet from obstructions, such as fences, lamp posts, mail boxes, trees, cars and recycling bins.
  • Separate your trash and recycling into their respective carts. Recyclable items consist of magazines, paper bags, junk mail, office paper, phone books, newspapers, cardboard (flattened), paperboard, plastics (#1-7), aluminum (cans, foil, pans), metal cans/containers and glass bottles/jars. A list of acceptable and unacceptable items can be found on our on our Recycling Page.
  • Do not overload the dump cart
  • Do not dump hot ashes or flammable items in your cart
  • Do not dump grass clippings, brush or sand in your cart
  • Do not use your cart for paint or other hazardous liquids
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Child taking out the blue recycling bins for road pickup
"As new customers of USA Hauling & Recycling my wife and I want to express our gratitude for the terrific job, prompt service and follow up. We couldn't be more pleased!"
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