Scheduled Dumpster Service

USA Hauling & Recycling provides scheduled dumpster service to over 5,000 commercial, industrial and municipal customers in Hartford, Litchfield, New Haven and Middlesex counties, Connecticut. At USA Hauling & Recycling we know that securing effective waste removal for your business is critical for success, and we will work with you to implement a service plan that best fits your needs.

  • Our team of professionals is ready to help and can offer a variety of cost- and resource-saving solutions to address your commercial waste removal needs.

  • We offer commercial containers from 2-50 yards and can customize containers in our welding shop for your business' unique requirements.

  • Compactor and baler options are also available and can often be the most cost effective, efficient, and convenient option for many large businesses.

  • The friendly and knowledgeable customer service team at USA Hauling & Recycling is always available to answer any questions and address your concerns, including our 24-hour a day accessible sales team that will work with you to address any needs or concerns you may have.

  • USA Hauling & Recycling consistently stands out above the competition through its outstanding customer service and state of the art facilities.

For questions or to schedule service, please contact:

Mark Murren
Sales Manager

USA Hauling & Recycling Inc.
"Thank you for your 'Ultimate' service to us at SHU. As always, USA Hauling & Recycling can be relied on to provide whatever service is needed whenever and wherever!!!"

- Ed Dobransky
Manager-Support Services
(Sacred Heart University)